A 5-year-old boy has become the Pakistan youngest MS Office professional

Initially published at Pakistan Book of Records

Islamabad- A 5-year-old boy has become the Pakistan youngest MS Office professional by passing the Microsoft certification in MS Office 2010. Muhammad Zidane Hamid ,from Rawalpindi, scored 769 while the required score is 700. Ziadane sat the Microsoft Certified Professional at the Microsoft Institute Islamabad in the last week and was issued the certification which states: “Microsoft confirms that Muhammad Ziadane Hamid has successfully completed the requirements to be recognised as a Microsoft Office specialist for Office Word 2010”.

Zidane will be considered the youngest Microsoft Office Professional who cleared the exam at age 5. Before himThe youngest Microsoft Office Professional is also a Pakistani, Muhammad Humza Shahzad who cleared the exam last year at the age of 6. Microsoft Word 2010, a product of MS Office 2010, is a word-processing program designed to help create professional-quality documents. The candidate for this examination should know and demonstrate the correct application of the principal features of Word 2010.Candidate should be able to create and edit 2-3 page documents for a variety of purposes and situations. Examples include professional-looking reports, multi-column newsletters, résumés and business correspondence.

Zidane Hamid is 5 years old a super genius child who has successfully completed the requirements to be recognized as a Microsoft Office Specialist for Office World 2010. Zidane Hamid has extraordinary knowledge of different subject like Chemistry, Physics, Geography, Geology, Mathematics, Astronomy, History and sincne the age of 4 he is visiting different Schools, Universities and events to speak about multifarious topics. He earned the titles like Super Genius, Chemistry Cockroach, Miracle Baby, the Google Kid and , Science Professor.

Zidane’s family is overly joyed about their child’s achievement and they are glad that their son has achieved something that has a place in history at a very young age. Zidane’s name has been added to the Pakistan book of records and has been declared as the super genius kid of Pakistan.

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