Celebrating Heroes with Mighty Wings

September 7 celebrates the gallant services and ardent dedication of#Pakistan #AirForce. The day, which falls a day after Pakistan Defense Day on September 6, pays tribute to the legends and heroes of 1965 War and 1971 War. #PeacefulPakistan pays homage to the ‘Heroes with Mighty Wings’ and takes a look at some of the memorabilia of the #PAF.














Tail of an Indian Canberra bomber shot down in the 1965 War and exhibited on public display in Sahiwal in 1969.



On September 3, 1965, Squadron Leader Brijpal Singh Sikand, Commander of an Indian fighter squadron, surrendered to a PAF F-104 in an air combat. The Indian pilot landed the Gnat aircraft on Pasrur airfield near Gujranwala and was taken Prisoner of War. The F-104 was flown by Flight Lieutenant Hakimullah who became the Air Chief two decades later. Sikand was later rose to be an IAF Air Marshal. This encounter was the most unusual event of the 1965 Air War. The Gnat is now on display at the#PAF Museum #Karachi.



In June 1965, #India and #Pakistan had a border skirmish in the Rann of Kutch region. On 24 June 1965, an Indian Air Force (IAF) Ouragan fighter (Serial No. IC 698), flown by Flt. Lt. Rana Lal Chand Sikka intruded into Pakistani airspace. A Pakistan Air Force (PAF) F-104A Starfighter intercepted the IAF fighter in Sindh. Just as the #PAF pilot locked on to the Indian fighter and was about to release his Sidewinder Air-to-Air Missile,the Indian pilot lowered his aircraft’s landing gear (an internationally-recognized sign of aerial surrender). The IAF pilot was taken prisoner and released on 14 August 1965 – as a goodwill gesture on Pakistan’s Independence Day – minus the IAF Ouragan fighter, which was retained by the PAF as a trophy and flown by a PAF pilot to an #airbase in #Karachi.