The Remarkable History of PAF

Pakistan Air Force is among the best, most combat ready airforces in the world, with a proven record of historic achievements. 


February 12, 1983


On February 12, 1983, the PAF took delivery of the first of some 60 A-5Cs. One of the aircraft is seen here being inspected by Air Chief Marshal Anwar Shamim, Chief of the Air Staff, PAF. Their arrival was overshadowed by the delivery of the first F-16s four days later. [Picture courtesy: Directorate of Media Affair, PAF]


March 5, 1961


On March 5, 1961, Lockheed F-104 Starfighter inducted into Pakistan Air Force (PAF) fleet. The F-104A’s and B’s provided to the PAF under the US Mutual Defence Assistance Programme and remained in service for twelve years.


April 10, 1959


On April 10, 1959, Flight Lieutenant M. Yunus shot down an Indian Canberra on spy mission near Rawalpindi. The IAF pilots Sqn. Ldr. J.C. Sen Gupta (pilot) and Flt. Lt. S.N. Rampal (navigator) from the IAF’s No. 106 Sqn., ejected and were taken into custody.


December 3, 1971


This painting depicts the F-86s of No.26 Sqn attacking IAF Srinagar Airbase on 3rd December, 1971. From then on, 26 Sqn Sabres continued to attack the airfield frequently causing considerable damage. The attack was led by W/C S A Changezi. On that evening, PAF successfully launched surprise attacks on 7 different Indian targets, including Airbases and Radar sites, achieving the desired objective without loss.