Islam for Peace


#Sunni Vows to Shield #Shia Processions during#Moharram in #Gilgit-Baltistan. Sunni #Muslims have volunteered to help Shias perform their mourning procession in peace. The residents, who believe in the end of bigotry, have come forward with open arms with an aim to promote a message of #PeacefulPakistan and#CoExistence in the hope of unity and peace in the valley.


Yuam-e-Arafat Mubarak to all the Muslims around the world. Millions of devotees have gathered in Mecca to perform Hajj during this Holy month. We pray Allah accept the prayers of those blessed with the opportunity to peform Hajj. May Allah protect our Hujaj brethren from any tragedy during the pilgrimage. (Amen)







Islam gives directions about the attitude of the employers for equal treatment with servants and subordinates.




Surat AlZalzaal

The Number of earthquakes has been rising since past 5 years in Pakistan Recite Surat Zalzala whenever any tremor or earthquake is felt. May Allah forgive us all, Ameen.