Remembering The Legends


Today marks 34th death anniversary of the creator of National Anthem, visionary poet and writer, ‘Hafeez Jalandhari’





Credited for inspiring the ‘Pakistan Movement,’ Dr. Allama Mohammad #Iqbal is considered as one of the most important figures in #Urdu and #Persian literature to motivate generations with patriotic zeal and passion. Admired and honoured internationally, his writings are taught in prestigious universities and celebrated world over.



The Government of Pakistan pays back the generosity of #Edhi Sahab by holding a state funeral. Thousands of faithful from across Pakistan gathered at Karachi to bid farewell to world renowned philanthropist Abdul Sattar Edhi. Edhi Saheb along with his wife Bilquise, a nurse, established the largest welfare foundation in Pakistan, touching the lives of millions regardless of faith and creed. Even on death bed, Edhi Sahab showed immense concern for the welfare of the nation. He generously donated his organs to the needy after his death, and according his wish Edhi service will continue to serve on the day of his funeral too.