The Working Women of #Pakistan

Peaceful Pakistan honors all the leading female employees of #ITU and #PITB for their dedication and commitment for the progress of this organization. We thank you for fighting the odds every day and defying stereotypes.

Mrs. Farzana Shahid- Director Academics ITU
‘Believe in yourself, work hard, and never feel deprived or underprivileged. Whoever you are and wherever you are, you can play a positive role in any capacity valuing all ethical values’



Dr Pippa Virdee -Visiting Faculty
‘Women are the real backbone of society, we contribute to the well-being of society and often without any acknowledgement and recognition. On this international women’s day, make some simple changes. Start with your own life and think about how we can make small changes and do more to empower and respect women’


Hafza Shorish-  Director – PlanX-PITB’s Tech Accelerator and MIT Enterprise Forum Pakistan
‘Working women in Pakistan can only excel if we are more goal oriented. We must celebrate our professional successes as much as we do our personal ones. We should embrace our strengths and let not the challenges intimidate us or the taxing struggle demotivate us. There is nothing that we can’t achieve if we set our mind to. Do not compromise on your values and stick to your ground to create an everlasting legacy and leave an impact for others to follow’


Syeda Fatima Agha- Program Manager
‘We women are made to believe we can’t do this or that. If women can lead and breed families they can do anything! Leadership requires courage and that’s what we women must never let die within ourselves! Start believing in yourself and let your light brighten the world’


Syeda Kanvall Raza- Program Manager
‘Women are equally competent and intelligent. Nowadays, women are even ahead of men in many socio-economic activities’


Amina Mohsin- Program Manager

‘I’m passionate about creating a future in which all individuals can have the opportunity to reach their full potential and live their lives with dignity, through Education and Technology.’


Zainab Tariq- Program Manager
‘Girls have always been creative problem solvers, innovative strategists and hands-on team members, once they find their calling. For that, they need to step up, explore, be curious, find what they can do best, and leap off that opportunity into the sky. They need to prove themselves, through confidence and action, and be open to learning through the journey. Shake off your complexes girls, after all, who runs this world…?’


Hira Farrukh- Creative Manager Peaceful Pakistan
‘More power to women! Celebrate womanhood with pride for we have come a long way’


Marian Joseph- Content Editor

‘Never forget we are the strong women of the most resilient nation in the world’


Umme Kalsoom- HR Officer
‘All support is vain, if you don’t realize your worth nobody else will. Have faith in you, because your key to success is YOU’


Nabeela Dar- Front Desk Officer

‘In 15 years at this organization, I have come across many positive and encouraging experiences. I’m thankful to everyone for breaking gender discrimination perception’


Sana Zaheer- Project Coordinator

I believe that the battle for female empowerment is one that every women has to fight, not just for herself but for all the future generations of women as well. The pebble rolled by our grandmothers is already turning into a stone and will soon become a boulder, as long as all women unite and ensure that it never stops rolling”