Artisans of Peace



Pakistani artists give final touches to a painting with the image of Quaid e Azam to celebrate 69th Independence Day of Pakistan.



Sindhi Topi is the Cultural identity and mark of honor to the Sindhi men. This handmade masterpiece is the result of great physical and mental labour put in by the Artisans of Sindh. It is round in shape from sides and flattened from above with a portion cut from the front to expose the Forehead representing the Islamic Culture of Mimbar and Mehrab.



Beautiful, traditional Rali made by a hardworking rural woman of Sind. These women of the rural areas add to the income of their family by selling these handicrafts and make themselves a useful part of the society.



Fauzia Naheed, a single parent makes handmade dolls to feed her family.


Artisan of Pakistan

An artisan working in candle light to complete his work, which shows his commitment and passion.  



Hardworking and creative old artisan painting his crafts with beautiful colours. This depict the loyalty, zestfulness and passion for innovation. 



Ajrak made by rural woman of Sindh. Ajrak shawls tell the story of early settlements along the Indus River that flows through the province of Sindh.



The hardworking Artisan, transfers the skills to the next generations.


Hand Painted Vase from Sind

Hand painted Vase, from Mehran Valley.


Paintart by Woman of KPK

Hand painted Pottery from KPK


Ancient Art of Hunza Valley

Ancient Art of Hunza Valley



Truck Art by Peaceful Artisan of Pakistan



Handicrafts by rural woman of Pakistan