Ornaments of Peace

A hungry person will be more interested in getting the next meal instead of thinking about ‘Peace’. If we find ways to provide that meal to hungry and deprived persons,  we will be a step closer to peace. A great number of people are engaged in making hand painted ornaments,  furniture, shoes, bags and other handicrafts to earn their living. By buying these handicrafts, we will surely provide equal opportunities to people of low income group to bring peace and harmony.



The traditional decorative handicraft of Kalash, made with steel and colorful tiny stones.

handmade rickshaw

Rickshaw is a popular three wheeler public transport and this handmade miniature rickshaw is beautifully decorated with laces, pearls and buttons.  


Handmade ornament by Women of Kalash

camel hide lamps

Worldwide famous, Handmade Camel Skin lamps of Multan 


Hand Painted Ceramic Vase


Decorative Item, also represents Bullfighting(the  traditional spectacle of Spain)


Traditional Rug in Chain Stitch Embroidery

Handmade Bangles in Beautiful Alluring Colours

Handmade Bangles in Beautiful Alluring Colours


Hand Painted Pottery from Multan

The most delicate embroidery by people of Kohistan

The Elegant Embroidery of Kohistan

Handmade Rali from Sind

Handmade Rali from Sindh