The Amazing Women of Balochistan

Saira Batool

Saira Batool was among the first four female pilots that received their wings in 2006. This brave girl chose a career path that many guys, let alone women, don’t have the courage to actually adopt.


Rahila Hameed Durrani

Rahila Hameed Durrani is the first female speaker of Balochistan Assembly and is also known for her efforts to fight for justice and women rights in Quetta city. Rahila is a known philanthropist and a Tamgha-i-Imtiaz recipient. She is also the first woman from Balochistan to be a member of Commission for the Status of Women who represented Pakistan in United Nations.


Batool Asadi

Batool Asadi is first female Assistant Commissioner of Quetta and she sees the culture of Balochistan as a strength, and not as a weakness.


Dr. Shahida Jaffrey

Dr. Shahida Jaffrey is a powerhouse in academic circles of Balochistan, and beyond. She is the ex- Vice Chancellor of Sardar Bahadur Khan Women University. Dr. Shahida Jaffrey is an inspiration  and a guide for many upcoming women leaders.


Roshan Khursheed Bharucha

Roshan Khursheed Bharucha is the CEO of HUNAR foundation and Chairperson of SOS Village. Her Efforts for Education and Vocational Training got her Human Rights Award and Social Work Award from USA.


Zobaida Jalal

Zobaida Jalal who belongs to Turbat, made her name in the field of education by becoming Federal Minister of Education in 2002. She established a school for girls in her village which got her the ‘Pride of Performance’ award from Government of Pakistan. At the same time she’s got many other changes in the curriculum of Pakistani schools to her credit. Zobaida Jalal took some bold steps while she was a part of National Assembly like efforts to integrate madrassas in the mainstream education programs.


Rehana Khilji

She is the first women of Balochistan who has worked on indigenous irrigation schemes and rural development sector in remote districts. She is also the first female in her sub tribe to go to school following which she opened the first home school in her village promoting girls education. Rehana is also working with United Nations.


Khalida Brohi

Khalida Brohi is the member of MIT Media Lab. She gave a talk on TEDGlobal which brought her international fame. Khalida Brohi succeeded in her efforts to make the women from Balochistan earn for their living through her organization called Sughar Empowerment Society. Through Social Entrepreneurship she has helped many women achieve their potential.


Lt. Zakia Jamali

Lt. Zakia Jamali is the first female commissioned Naval Officer from Balochistan. She belongs to Usta Muhammad. Being from an underdeveloped town, she never gave up on her dream of joining the armed forces of Pakistan. To top it off, she is a gold medalist in Masters in Urdu from the University of Balochistan.