Peaceful Pakistan proudly presents Pakistanism, to highlight serious issues in humorous tone, because humour is a great way to heighten the impact of serious issues. Do share our videos, and give us your feedback.


Pakistanism – Episode 5  


Pakistanism – Episode 4  


Pakistanism – Episode 3  

Switch on your comic shoes because its about to get exciting in Pakistianism’s 3rd episode.
Presenting you our very own Desi Cool Boyses.


Pakistanism – Episode 2

Peaceful Pakistan is happy to announce our Ramzan Edition Episode! It is great how we help each other, the poor and the needy during this holy month. However, our generosity should not be restricted to just one month of the year. Imagine the positive change we can bring to our country and this world if we maintain our charitable attitude throughout the year!


Pakistanism – Episode 1